There is a lot of information on the internet and in books. You can go to as many classes as you want and talk to a ton of moms. But just like giving birth there seems to be things people leave out when talking about breastfeeding.

Here is my top 10 list of things people didn’t warn me about with breastfeeding

  1. Even if they are awesome feeders the first time they eat it doesn’t mean it will last
  2. Their tongue is like sandpaper and if they latch wrong it really hurts
  3. When feeding from one side the other side will decide to be a super soaker and squirt (and can get pretty good distance)
  4. Which brings me to this point – your baby will pull off your breast and because you are too tired to pay attention will not notice that she is getting a milk bath from your super soaker
  5. One breast can be a lot larger than the other…this makes figuring out bra sizes hard
  6. If you feel like you have the flu and your breast is really hard you probably have mastitis** (go to a doctor asap if this is true because it is not fun)
  7. If your baby has white stuff on their tongue and it doesn’t go away it might be thrush**, get them checked out
  8. If your doctor is retarted like mine and doesn’t give you medication as well as your baby medication for thrush your baby will most likely give it to you (again not fun…your breasts will hurt when you have a let down** and when they latch on)
  9. When feeding your baby might have a huge tendency to open her mouth while it is full of milk which results in a very wet bra. (hint tuck a prefold or a spit up blanket into your bra before feeding to soak up the milk).
  10. No one tells you how hard it is to guess what bra size you will need after your milk comes in**. this makes it really hard to buy a bra which can result in wrong sizes which can result in mastitis.
  11. BONUS #11. No one mentioned that my baby would also be a puppy. She just lays there and licks up the milk instead of latching on and sucking

** Glossary

People use a lot of words when talking about Breastfeeding, these were words that no one explains but just use. So here is my glossary of words I didn’t really know beforehand that I used in my post

Mastitis – an infection in your breast that can be caused by a clogged milk duct (like a tube running through your breast to bring milk to the front). You need antibiotics to help clear this up, but warm compresses and hot showers really help.

Thrush – a yeast infection. Will be oral (white coating in their mouth) or on a babies bum (rash), and will show up in your breasts (painful and red nipples). Make sure both of you are on meds for it.

Let down – this is when your boobs get really full and then explode…well not quite so but that is what it feels like. Usually when your baby is ready to feed again this seems to happen. Your milk just starts coming out

Milk comes in – you start out with this yellowish stuff called colostrum which you have for the first few days, and then actual milk comes in (this is when your boobs will grow the most)

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  1. I loved this post!! I had so much milk right off the bat that my poor baby and I both got soaked every feeding. Nice to know I wasn’t the only one!!!

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