The Before


For one of our classes we have group projects where we have to create a worship service. Stefan’s group is the last group to present and it takes place tomorrow afternoon. He missed the first few meetings for his group and did not know what was going on. He went to a group meeting yesterday

and was given the task of making 20 Yamikas (those little Jewish hats) for their service. Being the good wife that I am I agreed to help do them.


The Process

We found an old sheet and Stefan cut out 20 circles, than cut triangles in all of them and I had the task of sewing them up to make little hats. It gave me an idea of what my mom and other moms went through multiple times when their children were growing up and they would one day mention that they needed 6 dozen cupcakes for school…tomorrow…and they mention this at 9 oclock at night. So after Lost was done I sat down and sewed the 20 yamikas, it did not take that long, but the sad part was if it had at least been cupcakes I could have snacked on a few of them and eaten frosting 🙂 Oh well.


20 Yamikas


Stefan and his Yamika

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