IMG_1790Today I went to our super sketchy thrift store with my mom. It is called Nu-2-U and is apart of the Hospital Auxiliary and is run by volunteers. It always has super random stuff and is really cheap. I ended up getting 15 things and only paying $3…but there is a story to go along with it. I needed to find some pants that actually fit Capri so that was my main goal of the trip and I was able to find a pair of cords and a pair of jeans that should hopefully fit her. They have kids clothes marked at $1 for a grocery bag full, but I really didn’t need more clothes so I just got these pants and a pair of super awesome shoes for CapriIMG_1795.

I got her a pair of Keds, and I love them. They are so cute and will only fit her for a little while (but that is okay because she has some rocking Converse in the next size up from another thrifting time). I felt like she was a big kid in them and that made me sad. She is beyond adorable.

IMG_1786I also got a really cute plate for Capri and this really cute fabric. I have no idea what to make with it but I love it. I love getting cute dishes for Capri to use that I won’t be upset if she breaks. She has a little plate she uses now (again thrifted) but it is getting a bit small for her big appetite, so this is a bit bigger.

So just before leaving I decided to check out the book section because I am trying to find some old Dr. Seuss books to make a collage out of for the playroom. Well I was looking andIMG_1794 could not find any Dr. Seuss books but I did find an Amelia Bedelia and a Madeline book which I have on the girls book wish list. I also got them a new Christmas book, a whale book, a Sesame Street book (which we have 16 of so far in our Sesame Street series). As I was looking a lady was asking the volunteer if they were taking donations at the time, and said she would bring all her stuff in. I asked her if she happened to have Dr. Seuss books and she told me that they did but was not sure when the ladies at the store would unpack everything. So I bought my stuff for $3 and went out to my car.

photo(15)The lady and her husband were parked right next to me with a pick up truck fill with stuff to donate. They handed me three Dr. Seuss books (Hop on Pop, In a People House, and Bears on Wheels) and told me to look around at what else they had. I found this cool art thing that is a piece of metal with holes in it and painted and a Cuisinart coffee maker and hot water maker. I am not really sure what I will do with the art work, I am thinking of putting it in the playroom.

I think I did really well; if you add up the things I bought it would have cost well over $200 new and I only paid $3.

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