weddFour years ago today I married the love of my life. A quick glance at our four years together:

  • 1461 Days
  • 208 Weeks
  • 48 Months
  • 11 Laptops
  • 8 Jobs
  • 7 Cell Phones
  • 5 Apartments/House
  • 3 Cars
  • 2 Kids
  • 2 University Degrees
  • 1 Real Christmas Tree
  • Countless Memories

datingLet me tell you how we started dating. Stefan liked me for a whole year before we started dating but I had no idea. So one Summer I was working at camp and I had a few computer questions so I asked this geek to help me out and told him I would make him cookies when we got back to school.

So we got back to school and hung out for a little while. One night before heading into our dorms we decided it would be funny to change our facebook status’ to say that we were dating (this was when facebook was fairly new and there were not crazy 14 year olds changing their relationship status every 5 seconds). Our goal was to see how many people noticed, and the next morning when we went into the cafeteria we were bombarded with questions about our new found love. We told everyone it was a joke at that we were not really dating. So the day went on and that evening we went to the Balloon Festival and we got separated from our group of friends and ended up holding hands. I am really good at getting boys to hold my hand – I did the reach your hand out to tell him to hurry up and grabbed his hand…and never let go. So we met back up with our group of friends and my friends spotted the hand holding and promptly freaked out.

So we went back to our campus and had a nice little talk and decided that we really liked each other and that we should date. And then we had to convince people that our relationship status was for real.


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