So I have a HUGE love for the mama behind Marine Parents. April is such a fantastic woman, and I have loved getting to know her over the past few months via social networks.

So when April blogged about doing a $5 craft swap I totally jumped on board and signed up. I was very excited about who I was going to be partnered with. I got my email and I had been partnered with Omee, who is from Ontario. I was very excited as I read what she liked and started thinking of what I would make for her. I went and took a look around her Etsy shop and realized that I would not be sewing anything because she looks like a great seamstress and I can hardly sew a straight line. I decide to hit the thrift store and see if I could find any good ideas of things I could up-cycle and make really cool and stay under $5.


So I was at our thrift store and I found a BIN full of vintage patterns and I had a fantastic idea. So I picked up a bunch of the patterns and some ric rac that I found in another bin. I brought it all home and I had a few canvases laying around that were meant for a Christmas craft that never got done. I took out my trusting mod podge from another craft project and started mod podging ripped up pieces of the vintage patterns to the canvas. After that I cut out one of the pictures from the front of the pattern piece and the back chart and put those on top. I put a nice piece of ric rac across the corner and called it a night. I LOVED the outcome. I was kind of worried that it would look horrible but I really liked it. And since Omee is a seamstress and makes kids stuff I thought it was PERFECT for her. I was very excited with the outcome, since I am not super crafty.


Omee mentioned that she had a toddler and I happened to be making Capri some heart shaped crayons from a bunch of crayons someone gave us, with a heart shaped silicon muffin tin from the dollar store. They turned out very cute and I was excited I was able to send them along with my art piece.

envelopeWe won’t talk about Canada Post and how much it actually cost me to send my $5 craft.

So I mailed it off and waited patiently for my craft from Omee to arrive. And thankfully I checked my mail before heading off to my parents for a few days because low and behold a cute envelope was in the mail for me. I quickly opened it up and found this very cute little pouch. I love things like this because like I mentioned, I cannot sew a straight line at all. So thank you very much Omee for my beautiful pouch. My 2.5 year old keeps trying to steal it because she like her mommy loves pretty things. So make sure you check out Omee’s shop.

Head over to Marine Parents Blog to see what everyone else did for the swap.


Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

  1. how adorable are both of these gifts!! i have been wanting to do the crayon hearts for amelia because all she does with fresh new crayons is tear the paper off & break them in half. we have a lot of crayons looking to be upcycled to say the least….

    glad you had fun with the swap, friend!

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