backseatWell it has been a busy week and a bit for us. We have travelled up to Halifax a few times this month, and have to make another trip next month. It is a two hour drive there, but at least we have my parents to stay with. So here is a brief synopsis of the last little while for us.

The second trip of the month up to Halifax was so Stefan could go to a meeting in Moncton and I could hang around at my parents place with the girls. I also got a pedicure while I was there and it was wonderful.


While at my parents house there was a blizzard, and of course Payson had to fall off the bed and hit the heater with her face. She had a bloody nose and a rather large dent in her forehead so I rushed her to outpatients. We got in really fast and the giant student doctor you see behind Payson was really great with her. Both the student doctor and the doctor agreed that she would be fine and that the bruise was not big enough to get a skull scan. So that was an exciting day…not.

skinny Our next trip up to Halifax was again for meetings. This time for both Stefan and I. We have to meet with our District Board of Ministerial Development every year while we work towards being Ordained ministers of the Wesleyan church. This year was exciting because we are just finishing up our first year in our church here in Shelburne, which means next year in July we will both become Ordained Ministers.

Also while there I bought my very first pair of skinny jeans (okay they are jeggings). But they are beyond comfy and I love them. I have been so scared to buy them, but I took the plunge and I really like them. And yes I am wearing two different color TOMS. 

sickyThis week Payson got her very first tooth at 10.5 months. I would show you a picture but all she does when I try is stick her tongue out, so you will have to just take my word for it. We thought both the girls were teething because they developed runny noses which lead to coughs. Capri’s kept getting worse and she had a temperature of 102.4+ for a few days, which lead to another trip to outpatients.

I was super thankful for my Boba Carrier once again. Capri was able to sleep on me while we waited and I was able to get some work done on my phone…okay I was actually reading Harry Potter. We ended up getting in ahead of most of the people that had been waiting a few hours which I was very thankful for. The doctor had an x-ray done of her chest and it turns out she has an infection, so she is on a round of antibiotics for 10 days.

So that has been our last week and half. One of these nights I might actually get to sleep for a long period of time, but in the mean time I will just keep drinking coffee.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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