I am not a super vain person, and I have my fair share of self-esteem issues…BUT I love to take photos of myself and look at myself in the mirror. You can ask my husband or any of my friends and they will tell you how much I love doing these things. They all know when there is a mirror or a window behind them when I am talking with them because I tend to glance over their shoulder and watch myself. At camp our dining hall has a huge set of windows on the front which makes for a great place to strut your stuff as you walk past and check out self out (which I got caught doing MANY times).

Really I am not vain. There a100_0816re just times when I realize “hey I am kind of cute”. I have an entire album in my picture folder just for pictures of me. I don’t wear a lot of make up…and most days I don’t wear any. My hair is usually pulled back into a pony tail because it is just easier. But even on those days most of the time I still feel pretty good about myself (even after having a baby).

As Capri starts getting older and even now I want to really make sure that she has a healthy self-esteem. A lot of that will have to do with me and how I look at myself and what I say about myself. This means that even when I am having bad days; you know the ones where you are think you are about three sizes larger than you are, your hair is gross and you think you have about five chins; that I have to suck it up and remember that I have a little person looking up to me.


I hope Capri takes after me and likes looking at herself in the mirror (which she totally does already and loves it). I think this is important. I know there are days that we wish mirrors didn’t exist, heck there are days I wish everyone was blind, but those are the days we can put some make up on and brush our hair which can help give ourselves a good self-esteem boost. I want to tell Capri every day how beautiful she is, though strangers do it enough as is. So here is to a healthy self-esteem.


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