If you are a new mom, a pregnant mom, a mom for the 20th time there are always new things out there (and old things) that can make our life a little nicer. Some of these things can be lived without but sometimes they are just nice to have when you are busy running around after a toddler, throwing up your breakfast or spending your days nursing your newborn.

Some of these things I have not actually tried to be truthful, I just think they would be great to have (you can take that as a hint if you would like).

earth mamaThe first is actually an entire company which is Earth Mama Angel Baby. Everything they sell is non-toxic. I won their mom wash and baby wash and I LOVE them. They sell lotions for your feet, your baby and your nipples, and more. They sell different kinds of tea that can help with morning sickness, heartburn and preparing for labour (I just ordered a sample pack). They have bath stuff and spray stuff for your lady bits after you give birth (which sounds really nice).

You can buy things individually or you can buy them in bundles (like this awesome mom/baby bundle).


hot-mama-gownThe second is Hot Mama Gowns. They are hospital gowns that are pretty, breastfeeding friendly (because hospital gowns are not you have to haul the whole thing up to nurse) and they button in the back so you don’t show everyone your bum when you are walking off those contractions or trying to go pee after you are done giving birth. You can use these gowns during labour, during your stay in the hospital or while you are recouping at home. And just think, you are the only one who has ever worn that gown. Her gowns are so pretty and I love that you can nurse and keep the bottom half of you covered. I think if I had one I would wear it after I have Payson while we are in the hospital and when I got home.


The third is Bamboobies. I have been breastfeeding for 18 months so far and I don’t see it stopping for another 2 years at least. I was a fire hose of leakage when I first started nursing and I leaked for a long time. I still wear them even though I don’t leak because it helps hide the fact that I look like I am cold all the time (if you get my drift). But I HATE that you can see my current breast pads through my shirt (really who wants a giant circle on each boob??). So there are Bamboobies, which are heart shaped and form to your breast to make them invisible under your shirt. They have round overnight ones as well that would be good for me in the beginning since I leak so much. The heart shaped ones are supposedly really good if you are not a huge leaker or once you regulate. So I am want to get both the overnight and the heart shaped ones to get my through my breastfeeding life.

IMG_9934The fourth product is an excellent baby carrier. I LOVE my Boba carrier and wrap. I love wraps for newborns to snuggle in nice and close and be hands free (which will be great with a toddler to chase after). But I love my carrier so much because I can take Capri everywhere and not have to figure out how to throw a huge stroller down our stairs.

When you have a fussy baby or one that just likes to be held it is great to have something that is comfy for both mom and baby. And the Boba is that.



The fifth and final thing on my list (I know not a long list), is a comfy chair to nurse in. I just got a glider for our nursery (last month) from a very dear friend of mine and I love it. I love having a comfy chair I can sit in during night time feedings (because yes my 18 month old still sometimes is up to nurse). It doesn’t have to be a glider you have but having a place that is comfortable for you and baby to nurse in really does help make for a more successful breastfeeding time.



So this is my list. What are some things you think moms could use to make their lives a little nicer or more comfortable?


Disclosure: I’m a Boba Ambassador. I participate in Boba events and online conversations, and receive thank you gifts for my participation, but all opinions and experiences expressed are my own.

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