Sorry I have been MIA. Summer always seems to do that to my blog. But I thought I should update everyone on what has taken place the last two months.

We were offered staff jobs at Cornerstone Wesleyan (my home church). We are thrilled about it and have loved our first few Sundays there. I had the opportunity to preach and it felt so great to be doing one of my favourite things again. We have been able to get acquainted with old friends and are making new friends. Our kids have been so excited each Sunday to hang out with their little group of friends.

We were offered a house to rent from some new friends. And it is beautiful. We had been looking at some pretty sketchy houses and all along God was working out this amazing plan for us to live in this amazing home.

Our job at the church is pro bono but we are trusting God with our finances. I was offered a position at our local Farmers Market as the new manager and it is such a great job. It is once a week that I have to be there and a few things through out the week. It works great with our schedule and works great for me only being away from Lyra for a short amount of time.

I want to thank all of the people who have been praying for our family over the last few months. And I ask that you continue to do so as we trust God with our finances while being faithful to where He has called us. We currently have three large bills. Since we don’t have credit (not bad credit just no credit) we have to pay an outrageous amount for our water and power down payments. And we just had to put new brakes on our van. But we are trusting God.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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