tubThis week I decide to do a lot of fun things with Capri. It was storming out the other day so we decide to do some painting. I saw one of my instagram friends do this with her twins and I thought it was so smart. So I taped a piece of paper into our tub and gave her a bunch of finger paints. By the end she and I had painted all over her tummy and arms, and the tub was very well painted. She had a lot of fun, and clean up was really easy since she loves showers; I just showered her and the tub down when we were all finished. Just remember to take your taped on picture out before you shower the tub off, I just remembered it as I started the shower, but it was okay.


One night after supper, we still had an hour until bedtime so I decide to do a fun little project with Capri. I took our roasting pan and put baking soda in it, and took two bowls of coloured vinegar and we made science. I found an eye dropper in one of our drawers and we used that and a medicine syringe to squirt vinegar on the baking soda. It was a lot of fun until the eye dropper broke – some advice don’t use glass eye droppers with a 2 year old. Next time I will be more prepared and go and buy some plastic eye droppers.

This was a lot of fun because she had to learn how to squeeze the eye dropper to get the vinegar to go into it, and how to squeeze it to get it out again. We got to see the bubbles that happened when the vinegar hit the baking soda and watch the colors.


After the eye dropper broke I cleaned out the roasting pan and put some soapy water and a few dishes into it. I bought a little creamer from the thrift store so Capri could practice pouring, and for about twenty minutes we sat playing with soapy water and learning how to pour.

This was fun to do because it was not terribly messy and Capri was able to learn a lot during our time of playing. She had a lot of fun pouring water back and forth.

All three of these activities took very little set up and clean up time, and they all occupied her for a fair amount of time. I was able to supervise her while she did it, but I was also able to get some work done at the same time. 

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