Stefan says I am addicted…to many things. I love purses and boots and those were major addictions before I had a baby. Now that I have a baby I have new addictions.

Cloth Diapers became my first addiction. I LOVE CLOTH DIAPERS. I currently have enough to diaper triplets. I am trying to sell half of my stash (that is a bad word to use when talking about addictions). I love my AppleCheeks the best and I use them ALL the time. I enter as many giveaways as possible trying to win more. It is a problem.

I just can’t help myself, they are so cute and they make Capri look even cuter (I know it seems impossible).

My next addiction is baby carriers. I currently own 3 wraps, 1 ring sling and 1 sling. I want a soft structured carrier (Ergo or Boba) really bad, but right now cannot afford one (again I enter giveaways for any of these products ALL the time). 

I just love wearing Capri, and she loves it too. It makes everything so much better and easier. She loves being close to me and can fall asleep in any of her carriers.

Like I said I had have an addiction to purses. When we bought our diaper bag I agreed to let Stefan help pick it out so it was one he would be okay carrying it. Well it is black and very boyish.

Bumkins Diaper Bag

So I want something that I can take out for short trips that is cute and girly. People have suggested diaper clutches but those do not work the best with cloth diapering because they are made to hold a few disposables and disposable wipes. So all I want is a cute little diaper bag (Bumkins) has really cute ones that are made for Cloth Diapering Moms.

Funny story about wanting a new diaper bag. Today I told Stefan that I really wanted a new one. He said “didn’t you already turn one of your purses into an on-the-go diaper bag” with my reply being “yes but that is only a temporary fix”…okay so maybe I am an addict.

My final addiction which is starting to grow and grow is Mommy Necklaces

The picture to your right is me wearing my Simple Strand meadow with a Jade donut. I also have a Blue accent strand, an extra donut in Sapphire and I have 5 more necklaces arriving from two different bargain sites (MamaBargains and Baby Half Off) now mind you one of those is for a friend. I just love them and when I wear the ones I have now all I can think of is how one of my new ones that is in the mail will match so much better with my current outfit.

So I am addicted to things, at least it is not drugs and alcohol (one reason I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs). I like my addictions and so does my baby (well I don’t think she cares about my diaper bags but the others she does).

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

  1. Stephanie Thornton says:

    Deborah I am TOTALLY addicted to Mommy Necklaces as well! I’m always looking online for good deals, and my first one just arrived today! Its long so Grayson swings it and hits me with it, but at least he’s not scratching me! lol. Now I’ll have bruises instead of scratches.

    Great blog BTW 🙂

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