Back in March we were very excited to announce that we were pregnant with Baby Gilbert #4. The above picture was our announcement. Not only was it a fun way to announce, it was also very yummy to eat afterward. My awesome friend Tamara made them for me since mine would never look that pretty.

Our three girls were very excited…well okay Lyra didn’t care at all but the older two were. We started talking about if we think the baby is a boy or a girl and they each had their opinion which changed daily. We decide to splurge with this pregnancy and go to the 3D Ultrasound so that the girls could come with us. And because I am terrible with not knowing gender and NEEDED to know!!!


It was so much fun seeing baby. The girls were very excited to get to see all the different parts. And we got to find out that Baby Gilbert #4 is…


A GIRL!!!!

We are very excited to welcome our fourth little Gilbert Girl into the family in October. The hard part came next. I love naming our kids as soon as we know gender (Lyra was over 24 hours old before she was named because we couldn’t find out her gender). So the search began. When you have already named our 3 kids strange names you have to continue the trend. Because it would be strange to have Capri, Payson, Lyra, and Sue. Capri really wanted to name the baby Butterfly, but that was a bit out there even for us.

After much searching, finding names we liked but were not perfect we decide on Zalah Leyden Gilbert. Zalah is a mix of a few names that we loved, and Leyden is the middle name of one of my closest friends growing up. I always told her that I loved that name and wanted to use it someday. And it just so happened to flow so well with Zalah (which is pronounced Zay-Lah like the name Kayla).

I am currently 23 weeks and a bit and am feeling great. We cannot wait until October to welcome Zalah into our home.

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