I love a good bargain. I have been a sale shopper all my life and now that I am a mom it has gone to all new levels. Not only do I try and enter as many giveaways as possible (what is better then a good sale? something given to you for free), but I scout out the best bargains for items for Capri.

I have found some really good bargain websites. Many of them do 40-90% off items for baby, toddlers, kids and moms. Some of my favorites are

Baby Half Off I have ordered cloth diapers and sippy cups from them. they have great bargains and fairly reasonable shipping from USA to Canada. I have always gotten my packages in a timely fashion. They have one deal a day that updates around Noon Atlantic time. They do specials for their facebook fans as well.

Mama Bargains I just ordered my first thing from them a week ago. I was able to score a few Mommy Necklaces off of their site. They have really good customer service and I am excited to get my package from them. They have many different deals a day. When one deal runs out or has been on too long they switch it up to a new one. They have really good stuff and if I had more money would buy many of their items.

Mama’s ReTreat I just found this site this week and I am so excited. It is a Canadian based bargain site which means no exchange rate and Canadian shipping prices. Many of the items posted are free shipping or very cheap shipping. I ordered an Amber Teething Necklace from them on Tuesday and it was shipped Wednesday. I am looking forward to getting it to help with Capri’s teething pain.

It can be overwhelming keeping up with all the bargain sites (the 3 above are just the ones I have ordered from). While I was waiting for the Mommy Necklaces to go up on the mamabargain page I received a twitter from someone about a page that updates ALL of the bargain sites automatically. It is Baby Deals Dujour and their site updates at the same time as the new deals are posted.

Happy bargain hunting.


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