This is me getting my belly button pierced almost 4 years ago now, but for the most part that is what my belly looked like until I got pregnant.

It was not the flattest belly, but I liked it. I have a super long torso and I liked where my belly button sat on my tummy. I had slight love handles but they were more cute and grabable than muffin top.

I had to crop the picture to the right because of how long my torso is, and where my shorts were sitting it looked super inappropriate; but I just have a really high belly button and an extra 3 or 4 inches of torso before my shorts in the picture (if you would like to see the more scandalous picture it is in one of my facebook albums) . And even though that seemed like a really random rabbit trail it is not. Because the point of that rant is that my belly button is no longer that high, well it might be if it was not attached to my less than taut skin. I miss that belly button. I still have my piercing in and I kept it through my entire pregnancy (the nurses in the delivery room commented on the fact that I still had it in).

This is my belly at 32 weeks with my piercing still in. This is my last actual belly picture because after this my stomach erupted in stretch marks.

So really this post had very little point except for me to complain about the fact that my belly button is no longer where I would like it to be, nor is my stomach how it used to be.

And yeah I at least have a cute baby to show for it. 

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