birthdayI turn 24 on April 15th. I love my birthday, I am one of those people who growing up I had the HUGE countdown until my birthday just to make sure everyone would remember. And now I shall blog about it.

April 15th 1987 I was born via c-section because I was upside down (or right side up depending on how you look at it haha). The 15th of April has a lot of meaning and my dad and I have a long running joke about my birthday. I get a card every year from him saying things such as “happy sinking of the Titanic day”, or “Happy Tax Day In America”, or even “Happy assassination of Lincoln Day” (Lincoln was shot on the 14th but died on the 15th). So I have a very happy day of birth as you can see.

But what I love most about my birthday is presents. I am kind of a present person, I love getting gifts. So this is my birthday wish list for 2011.


Item 1. Toms Shoes

I love Toms shoes, I own 2 pairs right now. They were each my birthday gift the last two years. I have worn them out pretty bad and need a new pair. I would love the classic black canvas and the classic red canvas.  These are my all time favourite shoe and it is all I wear (well I wear flip flops as well). They are super comfy and are such a great cause – you buy a pair of shoes and a pair of shoes is given to a child in need, check it outtoms-shoes-red-canvas-men-s-classics

PS I wear a ladies 9.


Item 2. Baby Hawk Mei Tai

The Baby Hawk Mei Tai is one baby carrier I do not own yet and I want one. It is an Asian inspired carrier that is a mix between a soft structured carrier with buckles and a wrap. They are super pretty and to be truthful I really want one to wear to one of my best friends weddings.

I really want a black one with a pretty pattern for the panel, because I feel like I will be able to use it for all the formal events I go to (which is obviously a lot). And it will just add to my addiction collection of baby carriers.

Item 3. 50mm Canon Lens10082166

After trying one of these lenses a few years a go a fell in love. I currently have my standard issued 18-55mm lens and my telescopic lens but I would love a fixed lens. I have seen so many great photos taken with one and I would love to add it to my camera bag (speaking of I really need a bigger one of those as well as mine is too small to fit my camera and lens as is).


Item 4. Klean Kanteen

I was able to score two of the smallest Klean Kanteen’s for Capri with the sippy cup lids and I fell in love with them. I would love to get one of my own seeing as the other day I took hers with me when I wanted to have some water and just took the sippy lid off to drink. So I would like a more grown up version. I love the cap with the loop to hook a carabiner to it and attach it to the diaper bag. And they come in pretty colors which I am all about. Maybe if I carried water with me I would be less tempted to buy other drinks and actually get my appropriate amount of water intake into me.

Item 5. Cotton Woven Gauze Wrapwrap

Someone I follow on Twitter (@Joyfulabode) has a facebook site where she sells some awesome stuff. Like these very pretty cotton gauze baby wraps. They are light but strong enough for baby. You can use them for back carries which is our new favourite way of babywearing. I have another woven wrap but it is pretty heavy and not good for summers. And these are just so pretty. And I really like that they are made by someone I know…and when I say know I mean follow on Twitter.

1201_7256_cnsmrdg_prodpg (408x350)

Item 6. A New Sewing Machine

I love to sew but my machine is old (it was my moms) and I get annoyed with it every time I use it. I would love a new one with fancy stitches and an easier bobbin loading area. I don’t really know what kind I want but something from this decade would do.

Item 7. An Ipod dock51BO5oaBh6L

I love to fall asleep to music and with Stefan working a lot of night shifts I can do that. Except my Ipod touch won’t turn off by itself if I put on a super long playlist and I don’t want it going all night. so with an Ipod dock I can set it to turn off after a certain amount of time, and it will charge for me.

So that is my birthday wish list for this year. I expect to get one thing off of this list (my TOMS because I actually need them) and everything else is just…well a wish.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

  1. “someone I know…and when I say know I mean follow on Twitter.” <– I do this all the time. Hahaha

    Also, fun list! I'm hoping for a pair of TOMS for Easter… I think I've decided on the silver glitters!

    • deborahgilbert42 says:

      I will have to see your glitters when you get them. They are a kind of shoe I think I need to see in person before I can get.

  2. I love my glitter TOMS! I posted a pic wearing them on my most recent blog post in fact. No regrets choosing the glitter ones. I wish I had a million more pairs though.

    We have a Mei Tai that doesn’t get much use. Sebastian only likes the hip carry really, although I haven’t tried the back carry yet. We have a soft structured carrier but I think he’s too big for it now. He isn’t really big on being worn (Sadness!) unless we are out and about somewhere with LOTS to look at.

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