IMG_0665This is the new Boba Pack. I LOVE bags, so when I got the chance to try the new diaper bag that attaches to my already awesome Boba 3G I was beyond excited. The Boba Pack has two loops that attach to your carriers straps and allows you to be totally hands free. You can also use it messenger bag style by attaching the strap that comes with it.


IMG_0670I decided to see how much stuff I could put into the bag because I tend to over pack. I was able to put in 5 cloth diapers (pre-stuffed), a ton of wipes, blankets, snack bags, wallet and Capri’s sippy and my coffee. Packing it this full I prefer to carry the bag messenger style because it is a bit bulky on my back otherwise.


The Boba Pack has a TON of pockets and two areas to store bottles/sippys/coffee. It also comes with a small wet bag to store dirty stuff in (and it matches the print of your bag).

I really like this bag a lot. I have not had a chance to use it a ton strapped to my carrier because we have been driving to play group a lot which is usually when I a out with my Boba (we normally walk in nice weather). But as you can see I am 30 weeks pregnant and can still carry my 23lb 20 month old with the pack strapped to us with no issues.

My only con is I have found it a bit hard to attach the bag before I put Capri on my back just because it makes it awkward to pull it up over her. I can do it, it just took a bit of time to figure it out (I do not recommend putting your travel coffee mug in the bag before you do this). If you have someone with you they can easily attach it after you get you and baby situated as normal. The bag does cost $100, but for the fact that it can attach to your carrier and other diaper bags out there tend to run in that price as well I think it is a well worth buy.

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