247427948 - CopyI have been baby wearing since Capri was only 3 or 4 days old and I love it. I have used stretchy and woven wraps, ring slings and regular slings and even an African Kitenge. But I wanted something else, I wanted something that I could put on fast and that I would be able to use when Capri was a toddler.

When I first started learning about baby wearing I knew that crotch danglers were not real baby wearing tools (because they are terrible for both mom and baby), and as I was looking I didn’t fully understand what the difference was between a snugli and a soft structured carrier until I did my research more.

1012081159001I learned that it is all about how they are seated. With the traditional (Western culture standards) carrier that many mom and dads have used over the years a baby is held with just the material going around their crotch which allows for their legs and hips to be out of alignment, and their spine to be out of alignment when you face them forwards. So I learned that with a soft structured carrier the material is spread out across their whole bottom (because baby is supposed to face you not forward) and their knees will be up higher than their bottom which puts their hips into the proper alignment.

So this led me on a quest to find the perfect soft structured carrier for me and Capri. It was around Black Friday that I was looking and I came across a store in Ontario that was offering the Black Friday discount on the Boba carriers that was being offered in the States.

When my Boba arrived I could not wait to wear it. After figuring it all out I fell in love. I started with the front carry because it is what I am used to. The Boba has great features such as a hood that rolls up so you don’t lose it, foot straps for when their legs get longer (their feet go in them to support their legs so they are not dangling). One of my favourite features is that the panel comes up really high which is one reason I didn’t go with a couple other soft structured carriers who had lower panels. You can use the Boba with children 15-45lbs (which at the rate Capri is going I could probably wear her all the way to elementary school).

I much prefer to wear my Boba on my back, I still like to wear her in a wrap in the front. It is amazing though and super comfortable. I was at baby sign class the other day and went to put her on my back which involves a little toss and people looked at me like I was crazy, it was really funny, but I can tell you that Capri loves it; when we go for walks she is laughing almost the entire time we are out (the rest of the time she is usually sleeping). She has so much fun in it.

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  1. Steph Perry says:

    I wanted one of those so bad, but just couldn’t justify it because they came out when E was at the stage where he didn’t want to be worn much. And I already had 8 carriers.

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