IMG_1525All through my pregnancy we talked with Capri about her new baby sister that would be joining our family. We read her books about becoming a big sister (my favourite was My New Baby), we brought her to doctor appointments and let her kiss my tummy (which always ended up with her blowing raspberries all over my stomach).

Capri was 14 months when we got pregnant and was still nursing a fair amount during the day and night. I knew there IMG_1579was a good chance my milk would dry up but I continued to let her nurse. My milk supply did go down a fair amount but she was still able to get some and didn’t seem to mind the lack of milk.

I was thankful that I went into labor in the morning and that Stefan was able to pick her up only 5 hours after we had dropped her off at a friends house. Stefan was able to spend the two nights I was in the hospital at home with Capri and she did very well (though she did wander around saying “Mama?” a fair amount).

She was the first one to meet her baby sister only a few hours after Payson was born. She was kind of tentative at first but after a bit she was up in the IMG_1608bed with Payson and I. She would not touch her however and just wanted to snuggle with me. But before the visit was over she was holding her hand and gave her a kiss goodbye.

Over the last two weeks Capri has had her ups and downs with this big change in our household. She LOVES her sister and gives her lots of kisses and gets very worried when Payson cries. She also really likes covering her face with blankets and pulls on her arms a bit too hard or tries to turn Payson’s head to point to her ears. She has been adjusting fairly well to sharing mommy but it has been rough. She is down to nursing in the morning and right before bedtime but has a hard time when Payson nurses. Stefan goes back to work tomorrow so we will see how it goes with just the three of us at home during the day. IMG_1778IMG_1733

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  1. Wow, your girls are both so beautiful! You’re lucky to be able to have them SO close I’m age: I’m currently nursing my 18-month old and unable to conceive because I’m nursing. My body is extremely sensitive to hormone changes; my cycle only returned a few months ago. I also wanted to say that it might actually help Capri if you don’t limit her time at the breast right now. With such a huge transition, and the face that she’s still a baby herself, it might be beneficial to allow her that comfort whenever she asks. You don’t want her to associate the new baby with less nursing time/comfort time with mama. My oldest was four when Ezra was born, and had weaned a year prior. But he asked when Ezra was born and I told him he was more than welcome to try. He didn’t, but it’s jus knowing that they can still have that peace and comfort from mom that helps them adjust. Congrats! And great job!

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