120604130400On Monday Capri, Payson and I went to our local resource center for Musical Moments and play time, we left the house around 8:40am. While there Capri was running around and dancing to the music which is what she normally does. But she was also limping which one of my friends pointed out. I picked her up and took a look at her leg and after looking at it for a bit I realized that her left knee was swollen and she could not straighten her leg. I called Stefan at work at had him come pick us up to take us to our family doctor (who was fitting us in a.s.a.p. because he was going home sick). He wrote us a requisition for an x-ray so we didn’t have to wait in the ER for even longer.

We got her up to our outpatients/ER and she had her very first x-ray. Stefan took her into the room and she laid perfectly still and enjoyed having her photo taken. After that we went and registered with the ER to wait and find120604174900 out what the x-rays said, we were told it would be a 3 hour wait. Thankfully we have AWESOME kids because they both napped during this time, or played (well Capri played, not Payson). After 3.5 hours we were finally called in to a room, where we waited for another 30 minutes to see a doctor. The doctor said the x-ray looked clear and that he was worried about an infection so he wanted a blood draw done.

A 2 year olds veins are REALLY small. The nurse stuck the needle in Capri’s arm and wiggled it around for a few minutes but could not get in the vein, mean while Capri just watched and smiled (we wonder if she feels pain). Finally they had the lab tech come in to do the blood draw, which again Capri just sat still and watched as her blood flowed out, she didn’t cry at all. After she got her band-aid she stuck out her other arm wanting them to draw more blood (yeah she is strange). While this was going on Payson had a HUGE poop which I got to clean up in the exam room. After that we got to go back to the waiting room to wait for the test results.

120604185500It was well past supper time at this point but thankfully we had been eating snacks since we arrived and I had a few dollars to get a bag of chips for “supper”. We waited for over an hour for the test results and the new doctor on call told us that the blood results were clear (meaning no infection in her joint). He also told us that they were worried about a hidden fracture so they were sending the x-rays to an orthopaedic surgeon but we could go home and wait his call. We got everyone all packed up and headed out to the car, just as we were un-locking our doors two nurses came running out yelling for us (that 120604195900doesn’t make you worry at all…). Apparently the orthopaedic surgeon had decided that Capri should have her leg splinted until he could take a look at her. So back in we went and Dr. Butler made a little splint for her little leg. After 8 hours at the ER we finally made it home and got Capri to bed. She doesn’t get to see the surgeon until Monday so she has to keep the splint on for a whole week (which is annoying).

I have to say however that I am impressed with my 2 daughters who were out of the house for 11.5 hours and didn’t throw any fits (which for a 2 year old who is not allowed to walk around that is highly impressive). I am also impressed with my diaper bag, I was only 120604173400planning on being out for 3-4 hours but since I over pack I had enough diapers for 2 kids (one being a newborn) and enough snacks for Capri. Capri is doing great though, and has been running around with her little limp and doesn’t seem bothered by the splint or her knee.

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