IMG_5936I decided I really wanted to make Capri a blanket for her birthday. So while we were in town today I thought I would pop into the fabric store. Well they had some awesome sales on so I ended up buying what I needed.

I wanted minky fabric for the back but the store only had dimple chenille which was just as nice and was also 50% off. I bought a nice green flannel with jungle animals on it which I love. Now my issue was that the chenille was wider than the flannel so the lady cut the flannel length as long as the chenille was wide (though she did a terrible job of this so I ended up having IMG_5937to cut off fabric and square it up).

I got it home and washed up the flannel and pinned and cut the fabric. I sewed the two together rights sides facing and turned right side out. Now let me just say that chenille is super stretchy and I kind of messed up a bit so it was not as tight together as it should have been. I had to trim up the edges before I turned it right side out.



I took embroidery floss in red and blue and tied little knots to hold the two pieces together. So like I said I was going to make this for Capri’s birthday but that is two months away and I was not expecting to actually finish this fast. So now it is an Easter gift. She will get it in a week and a half.

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