225461525064761849_en4s8bVL_fI have been wanting to let Capri paint for a while now, but I just have not gotten around to it. So last week I bought a canvas from the dollar store for $2 (it is a big one) and today I made some homemade paint using this recipe (the picture to the right is the recipe and also her picture).

I used too much cornstarch in mine and it was kind of goopy, but she suggests on her blog to just water it down if it is, next time I will do that. Also I ran out of red food coloring while making it so we only had pink paint to work with (I wanted a pink and red).

IMG_1010So we set up our splat mat (aka table cloth form the dollar store), and I put some finger paints on paper plates for Capri to dip her fingers into. I used painters tape to write the word LOVE on the canvas and we went to town. I helped because she was more interested in eating the paint (which I didn’t mind too much since it is all cooking ingredients anyway). She got the hang of it after a while and really started going to town. Also don’t you love my child’s face??? When she sees a camera she HAS to smile like this, I am not sure why. She smiles perfectly nice when there is no camera around.



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  1. My daughter smiles just like that when I get out a camera as well! They look pretty close to the same age…think I’m going to do this with her this weekend! Looks like a fun task!

  2. Super Sweet (thats what the smile says) and I love this idea, Im gonna share it with my sisters daycare kiddos

  3. Adorable! This is absolutely awesome! My son is 7 months old and I’d love for him to do this…just not sure he’s quite ready. How old is your daughter in these photos?

  4. Megan Sunshine says:

    My husband and I have been fostering a baby girl named Serenity since she was born. She fixing to be adopted and I’m going to miss her bunches. So I think I’m going to do this with her name so we’ll have a little something of her left behind!

    • deborahgilbert42 says:

      that is such a great idea. And that is awesome that you are foster parents. That must be one of the hardest but rewarding jobs.

    • It’s so wonderful that you two are foster parents. What a wonderful idea to do her name. I can’t imagine having to let a li’l one go, my hats are off to you both, Megan Sunshine.

  5. We’re working on this, but I can’t get the tape to stay stuck on the campus. I’ve tried both painters and masking tape , and it curls right off. What kind of tape did you use? Is it that frog tape?

    • deborahgilbert42 says:

      it was just painters tape from wal-mart. I had to really press down on it to make it stick. I think if you held it down and painted over it a bit first it would help hold it down. Sorry it is not working for you.

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