Christmas was a very fun time and busy time, but with a lot less travelling than in previous years. We started off our Christmas season by buying our first real Christmas tree, that ended up being too tall for our room and never settled very well hence the giant space between the floor and the bottom of the tree. We also ran out of hooks to hang ornaments and I was much to lazy to string them so our tree is half decorated.

We enjoyed our first Christmas Eve service as a family of four and as the Pastors of Hope Wesleyan. So when I say enjoyed I mean my toddler came onto stage while I was doing a reading and threw a temper tantrum because she was not allowed to play the drums and my baby only wanted her mommy. After that we came home and the girls got into their new Christmas pjs and I snapped a few photos.

dresses We got the girls to bed and set out all the Christmas gifts for the girls. We don’t really do Santa in our house, mainly because we think it is silly that he gets to give all the good gifts and us parents don’t get any credit. But we waited to put the presents out until the night before because we have a very curious 2 year old and a 7 month old who loves to eat paper.

Christmas morning came and Stefan woke everyone up because he couldn’t sleep any longer. We went downstairs and the girls tried getting into the presents right away so Stefan’s plan of eating breakfast first dissolved. Capri has hit a great age for opening presents and had so much fun opening all of her gifts.


Stefan got me some fabulous gifts. A beautiful tote bag from Marine Parents, a pair of TOMS ballet flats, and a beautiful wool infinity scarf from Crafts By Beck. It was a super girly Christmas for me. I got him a snoopy mug, a book, a grooming kit and a new sound system for our TV. So a super manly Christmas for him. We have not really done presents like this for each other in the past but this year we decided to splurge on each other and it was a lot of fun. We also helped each other out by making pinterest boards with ideas. Here is mine if you ever decide you want to by me something. We also got a BBQ from my parents and grandma.

girls giftsThe girls both got a ton of gifts from us and family members. They got new blankets, dolls, bookbags, stuffed animals, a camera, easel, art supplies, letter magnets, headphones, bubble bath, a few books, some finger puppets and a few other things. They were spoiled rotten and they loved it.

We had a lot of fun this Christmas season and I am excited to start the new year off with my family. The picture below was our sad attempt at getting a family photo with two tired and cranky kids and the timer on my camera.


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