Our playroom and living room have been over run with toys lately. Our girls don’t have a ton of toys compared to some of their friends but they still spread and leave a mess. So after seeing Beth’s photo on Instagram and her blog post I decided to get to the girls toys and space. We have a playroom just off of our living room, and a toy closest in our living room, which means the toys spread very easily. So here is the before.


all the toysSo it was very messy to say the least. So I grabbed two totes and filled them up a couple of times and brought all the toys to the living room so I could organize and purge. The photo on the left is with all the toys in the living room. I was putting all parts that go with certain toys together and filling a box with toys to donate.

This would have been a lot easier to do if both the girls had not woken up from their naps so early. It is hard to organize when toys keep wandering away with children. I also changed around the closet by lowering the very top shelf so that Capri could get some of her craft items by herself.

I filled one tote with toys to put in storage so I can rotate the toys every couple of weeks. I know it is not perfect but here are the after shots.

new closetkitchenplayroom








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