I LOVE coffee. I started drinking it when I was probably 12 or so and I just love it. When I was younger I really just drank it because it made me crazy and I liked that, then as I got older (like high school) I drank it because it helped me sleep. Yes thats right it helped me sleep, I was so addicted to it that I couldn’t shut my brain off without it.

A friend of mine sent me coffee from Brazil while he was there and my mom said it smelled like an ash tray, it was so GOOD (it didn’t taste like an ash tray, though I have never tried one).

Anyway my favorite time of year is this time of year because Tim Hortons does Roll up the Rim (buy a drink and roll up the rim for a chance to win stuff for those that don’t know). So I love getting coffee at Tim’s because it gives me a chance to win free things which is also another favorite of mine. I had my first Roll up the Rim of the season today and I lost…like normal (in high school one of my teachers would stop class for me to Roll up the Rim just to see me lose). Also I realized I have become addicted to coffee again (I had cut back for a while, but started up again in the last few months). I knew it was bad because we were in the grocery store and I could not put a sentence together. My coffee was sitting in the car waiting for me and I downed it once we got back in the car. So I love coffee.

In other news Capri had banana for the first time today. I know it is the first food for many kids but Stefan is allergic to them so I was terrified to feed them to her. She loved it and ate half of the banana (she would have had the rest but I had eaten it already). Also just to show how amazing I am at spelling I have to sing the b-a-n-a-n-a-s song when I spell banana every single time.

Well that is all. I think I either need more coffee or I need to put my glasses on I have a headache…gross.

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  1. I remember giving you chocolate covered coffee beans all those years ago…it was great fun to watch you bounce off the walls…lol

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