imageA year and a half ago I found all of my old Barbie’s. I loved my Barbie’s as a kid and kept them in great condition. I never cut their hair or drew on them like other kids. In fact I played with them until I was probably 11 or 12. I was so excited to pass them on to my girls.

imageCapri and Payson loved them. Unfortunately they were rather rough with my beloved perfect condition 25 year old Barbie’s. So we now have a Barbie with one leg and two Barbie’s who have heads that pop off randomly. I was so sad. So Barbie’s went away for a little while.

imageToday is a snow day however so I brought the Barbie’s up and they are happily playing fighting and arguing with them. It is driving me nuts. But they are playing.

Here is my confession. Because it is a hot topic right now with the announcement of the new Barbie’s that come in many shapes. Here is the thing, I think it is great that they are branching out and making different looking Barbie’s…but I don’t think original Barbie’s actually have this horrible negative impact that so many people try and place on them. I don’t remember once thinking while playing with my Barbies, “oh I wish I had a tiny breakable waist and uncomfortable looking feet”. I didn’t try and diet and workout to look like my dolls, because that’s just it, they are dolls.

I instill healthy body image thoughts into my girls and have zero concerns about them comparing themselves to our size 00 dolls. I don’t hear little conversations wondering how they can have poofy blonde hair or perky plastic boobs. Instead they are talking about taking care of the Barbie babies and playing house. imageSo little girls play on. Use your imaginations and have fun playing make believe. Don’t allow adult stereotypes to pollute your brain and hearts. Be innocent for a little longer and enjoy that your Barbie can ride the magical unicorn pony without shame. image

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