IMG_1361This past weekend we took a trip down to Halifax to stay with my parents for a few days (really because it was my birthday and I wanted my mom to make me an ice cream cake). But while we were down there I was able to hit up a couple of consignment shops.

The first one is a big sale that happens at my church a couple of times a year. A lady from the area organizes it and people bring their stuff in to sell and get a commission off of it. I had a few things in mind that I wanted to be on the look out for and I was lucky enough to find a lot of what I was looking for at the one place. For $10 I scored a pair of brand name baby legs, rain boots and two pairs of Robeez shoes. If I had bought those all new it would have cost me roughly $88. So not bad, and my mom bought them for me anyway. growth spurts

IMG_1376The next day my mom and I went to a place called Growth Spurts (they have been open for 3 years downtown Halifax and just opened this store in Bedford). They have super nice stuff there and I was able to get the other things I had been looking for the night before plus a couple of more things. I spent $73 at Growth Spurts and got a Melissa and Doug train, a Melissa and Doug hammer thing, a set of soft blocks, a pink sleep gown and a stroller. So if we had gotten all of those retail we would have spent around $147. So not a bad weekend for thrifting. IMG_00000012And the stroller is exactly what I wanted. It is super light weight, has a huge basket, and has asnack tray and parent tray.


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