cimg0674So tomorrow is Stefan’s birthday and since I love parties so much I asked him if he wanted me to throw him one and invite his friends over. He says no and that he does not like parties. Well being the good wife that I am I want to do something for him and since he doesn’t want a party I ask him what kind of cake he wants me to make him and he can’t make up his mind. Well I finally convince him to let me make him my chocolate chip cookies for his birthday. Now this is a treat for me too because it means I get to eat cookie dough which is my favorite.

So I made 60 cookies (yeah sure there could have been like 10 or so more but I had to eat all that cookie dough). Lesson learned know when to stop eating cookie dough (the baking soda in them always gives me weird burps). But they turned out great and I am planning on sharing Stefan’s birthday cookies with his friends tonight when they come over to watch our weekly shows (Big Bang Theory and How I met your Mother).

So hopefully that goes well. Until next time


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