Cultural differences fascinate me when it comes to child raising. I have a lot of friends who grew up in other countries and other friends who are now parents in countries that are not their homeland.

IMG_5607Today I had a chance to hang out with a friend from College who has been living with her husband in Thailand teaching English and doing various ministries. Christine and Jason had their little girl Aaliyah 9 days before we had Capri, but they had her in Thailand. It was so great talking to her today about their experiences with everything from pregnancy, labour and delivery and breastfeeding. I asked her what the breastfeeding in public issue was like there and she said that women breastfeed everywhere and openly. My favourite was when she told me that she saw a woman breastfeeding on the back of a motorbike.

I don’t know if we will ever live anywhere besides Canada or the U.S but I want to make sure Capri grows up being very cultural, whenever we move into a place that is more permanent I have plans for her bedroom that include globes and world maps. I have great plans on taking her on any and every missions trip that we do. I want her to know what is out there besides where we live and know how others live.

I had the great opportunity of living in Australia for four years when I was a kid and I have amazing memories from my time there. You can watch this lovely video of me when I was three, please take note of my parents letting me climb up a very high piece of playground equipment as they continue to video tape me. Don’t mind my little smokers voice, that is just how I talked when I was a kid. I am the cute little blonde.


I have also been reading the blog Mummy In Provence and she currently has a series of blogs written by parents who are living in countries that are not their own and how they are liking/not-liking the differences and such. It has been awesome to read these experiences. Check them out here. Check her out on Twitter as well @MummyinProvence.

Where you raised in a different culture? What are some of the parenting styles that you have noticed that are different? Or for everyone else what are some differences you see in other cultures that you would love to implement into your own parenting style or family life?

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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