Back in Fall 2013 I decide to make my own Day Planner after seeing some super amazing ones online. I liked the idea of being a little creative and making it individual to my needs. After using it for 14 months I discovered what I did and didn’t like about my planner. When I figured out what I would like for my new planner I started designing my new 2015 planner.

binderThe first thing that I wanted was to use a mini binder instead of a full sized planner that I had professionally coiled. This allows me the freedom to add pages when I wish. I also plan on adding some clear sleeves to put loose paper in that doesn’t fit, or coupons.

I got this fantastic oil cloth covered mini binder from RBT Bags. I figured if I was going to carry it around and keep it out on my counter all the time it should be pretty. Their new updated mini binders even come with a few goodies, mine however is just the binder with the oil cloth cover.

opening pageThe next thing I changed was the layout. Last year I had my monthly calendar and I also had weekly breakdowns. But we have a big weekly calendar on the wall that I made so I never used the ones in my day planner. So those weekly pages got tossed. kept my note pages but instead of having them spread out between each month I put them all at the back. This allows me to keep going on longer notes and easier switch between months.

I went with a water colour theme throughout. I really love how it turned out. So let us take a peek through my 2015 Day Planner.

It starts with my cover page which you see above,  with my initials and 2015…I know very original. Below is the next two pages which are for important numbers that I use the most and need to keep close but don’t want to keep on my phone.

numbers The next page shows what my monthly calendar pages look like. One thing that I kept was my monthly quote. They are mainly funny little quotes that I like. It was hard to take a photo of the quote, but you can read it in person easy enough.



In between each month are my To Do list and my Grocery list.

To do

At the back of the binder are note pages, and some blank sheets of paper that I can doodle on or whatever.


I am really excited to use this to its full potential. I love that I can add things, that it fits in my purse or diaper bag easy, and that it is so customizable. The only thing I would like to add is a pen holder, the clear sleeves, and maybe page dividers.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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