Capri keeps stealing our cloth diapers for her dolls. I had been letting her use one of the swim diapers but it is a bit big and I would rather her not loose it or hurt it. I wanted to make some diapers for her dolls but I am not the best seamstress, and lets face it I don’t really have the time to do anything fancy. So I found this awesome blog called Happy Together and on it she has a great tutorial for these easy felt diapers. 

I wanted some cool felt with different patterns but I live in a REALLY small town (like not even a Wal-Mart small). So I had to suck it up and buy plain colors from our local dollar store. photo(12)I decided to just pick up 3 colors to see how well I did. On the Happy Together blog she has a pattern you can print off and trace onto your felt. Once that is done you just sew or glue your Velcro into place. You could start and finish this project easily during a nap time. Mine would have gone faster if I had found my Velcro when I started the project, if my machine had not jammed up 4 times and if Payson would have kept napping instead of screaming. But in the end I made three cute little diapers for the girls dolls and photo(14)whoever else gets diapered. I love how easy they were. I am going to buy some more felt and make some for a couple of friends. These diapers fit a good range of doll sizes as well, the ones in the picture are 15 inches, 18 inches and a monkey.

I hope you enjoy and are able to make some easy diapers for all the dolls in your life.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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