I have a dream that someday Capri will not only have her own room, but one that I can actually decorate. I really want to do something that can grow with her and is not just a baby theme. I want Capri to know about the rest of the world and with a family that travels a lot I would love parts of her decorations to be from those places.

16035933_et9veeYQ_cA world Map on her wall. I think it would be great to put pins or stickers in locations that we go or that she has family in.

16254173_P3m9VRdD_cI love the idea of her bedroom being very kid friendly and this idea is so great. Using hanging plants to put toys and books in.

desser-papasan-natural-chairI hate rocking chairs. But I love Papasan chairs. So this is my dream chair for nursing Capri and future babies in.

16252796_AsxxpW2b_cI love the idea of the paper dolls in frames. It would be great to have clothing from all over the world in the pictures.




As I mentioned I really like the concept of the world. I love the idea of having a globe she can look at and we can interact with. The pillows are a great touch, and the heart maps are so cute and would be so easy to make it with special places. I would love to be able to find a rug that is super interactive.

So that is just a few ideas that I would love to have for Capri’s room. I would also love to put a mattress on the floor instead of a bed on a frame so she had the chance to get out and explore her room (it would be very child friendly and childproof). I really hope that very soon we will be in our own place where I can do all of this.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

  1. Hi! I love the ideas you have. And I were wondering where you found the globe? Love it! I have a sepia world-map-poster on my wall in my room.. So it wound match perfectly!

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