When I think about my kids spending time away from me I get anxiety. When they spend the day with someone else, or go to preschool I worry about them. What am I am missing? Will they do something amazing and I will not be there to experience it with them? I remember when Capri was just a baby and Stefan and I would joke that if she did something new like roll over or take her first steps and the other parent was not there we would stop her from doing that new thing. We both wanted to be there so badly for each and every milestone. But my biggest fear when I let my girls go places without me is that they will get hurt and I will not be there to help them, to hold them, and comfort them.

Today is Easter Sunday. The day that Jesus rose again, the day that He conquered the grave. But all I can think of is how hard of a choice it must have been for God to send His only Son to Earth. He would have known each stumble and each fall that Jesus would have to take when He was learning to walk, He would have known each time that Jesus was picked on by those at school, and yet He was willing to send Jesus to us as a small baby. But even more than that, God would have known the amazing things His son would do while on Earth. The miracles that He would preform. The people whose lives would forever be changed by their encounters with the Son of God. And then God would have known the betrayal that His son would endure, the mocking, and beatings He would receive leading up to his crucifixion. The pain that would be in His sons eyes as they whipped Him and forced Him to carry the cross up to the place where He would die. To know that He would experience horrific pain as each nail was hammered in, and as each breath was taken until His very last.

Even though God knew that sending His Son was the only way for us to be forgiven of our sins and to live forever with Him someday, and even though He knew that three days later His Son would raise up from the grave and join Him again on the throne, those 3 days must have broken God’s heart in such a painful way. 

I am so thankful that I can teach my children about our amazing God, who was willing to send such a large part of Himself to Earth in order for us as sinful people to be saved.

He is Risen!

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