Imagine your house catches on fire and you lose everything you own. Now add up the cost to replace everything. Sucky huh?? Last night I was talking on facebook with one of my really good friends, and she stopped talking mid conversation, which was no big deal she has a 1 year old and is 19 weeks pregnant, sometimes you just have to go. But within the hour I found out she left mid convo because their apartment building had caught on fire. I know this apartment well, because we lived in it for a year and half and just moved out 2 months ago. It is OLD the fire spread fast, a lot of peoples homes and businesses were lost in a matter of hours. My friends got out 562992_10152074648760431_1133358448_nsafely but now they have to start from scratch on everything they own. They need a new crib, change table, furniture, household items, kitchen items, clothing and so much more. This is a huge financial burden. They lost so much, but we are all thanking God that they are safe and no one was hurt in the fire. I am asking if you are reading this to donate a few dollars to them to help re-build what they have lost. You can pay-pal the money to me and I will give it to them (I promise). You can send paypal to deborahruth42@gmail.com. They are ordering new cloth diapers this week 578557_10152075353480431_1600296699_n(let me tell you how much that would suck) and are currently looking for a new place to live. If you can donate please do. If you live in the Sussex, NB area please fell free to donate anything you can to this family. You can contact me if you need more information.

You can see in this picture the before and after. The building that is torn down is to the right of Matt and Kim’s apartment. They tore it down to stop the spreading of the fire. You can just see their apartment on the right. The room is gone and there is nothing left inside.

So go to paypal and send anything you can to deborahruth42@gmail.com

I can’t get the video on my blog but here is a video of the fire https://www.facebook.com/deborahgilbert/posts/141622762647496

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

  1. Hi…….I am one of Kim’s cousins in the US and would love to help. A question…..do I donate in US dollars or Canadian? Thanks for the help. Kim and her family are lucky to have you as a friend. Keeping them and you in my prayers.

    Take care, Terry

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