capriipodI found out about the Fisher Price Apptivity Case back in the Spring. It was finally released at the beginning of September. I was only able to find it on however so I had it shipped to my in-laws because we were going to visit them.

SIDE NOTE: If you join the Amazon Mom’s club you become an Amazon Prime member and get Free 2 day shipping (in the USA). You also get a TON of deals on different items.

Back to the new Fisher Price case. It is amazing. You pick the app you want your child to play with or the movie/video you want them to watch; after that you open the back of the case and put the iphone/ipod touch into the case and close the back. There is a piece of plastic that goes over your home button so little fingers don’t press it and get out of the app (GENIUS).

It is great because they can hold onto it and your iphone/ipod touch is protected and safe. We used it on our road trip back from Stefan’s parent’s house (15 hour drive) and it was great. It is nice to take out with us so she can use it if we are waiting somewhere or whatever.

The case is only $14.99 which is a pretty good price and well worth it.

OTHER SIDE NOTE: I got my Fisher Price Apptivity Case for FREE because I used Swagbucks to get Amazon gift cards. If you want to sign up for Swagbucks click the link below. It is a search engine that allows you to gain “swagbucks” that you can cash in for things; like Amazon gift cards (I have gotten $50 in Amazon gift cards so far). So sign up and search.

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