This is kind of a pre-post to what will be a follow up post of flying and such with cloth diapers.

So far we have done trips to my parents place with cloth which is not hard since they live 3 hours away and we use their washing machine and dryer. We have also done 10 days at our family camp when Capri was only 2 weeks old where we had to use a laundry mat to wash our diapers which was a lot of fun since we were still learning how to use our cloth, and since we had a newborn who went through A LOT OF DIAPERS.

IMG_9451In 3 weeks I will be flying with Capri to Ontario for one of my best friends weddings. I have no issue with taking my diapers on this trip but I have been planning it for a while. We will be gone for 4 entire days (we fly out early Thursday and get home LATE Sunday night). I do diaper laundry every 4-5 days anyway so it will not be an issue. I have enough Applecheeks flats to last me about a year 6-7 days and I have 15 16 (as soon as my STORM Applecheeks gets here).

Since it is just the two of us flying I am only taking carry on. I am packing my diapers (25-30 inserts, 16 covers and a lot of wipes) in a pilots case, along with my wet bags. I have 2 large Applecheeks wet bags that I will use, but if I can I would like to take one of the AC wet bags and one of these wet bags by Snuggy Baby. They have a zipper which is what I would like with the whole being at someone else’s house and flying part. I would keep the clean ones in the AC bag and the dirty ones in the Snuggy Baby bag.

Also can I just say that every time I fly I get pulled over for the random check (because I look like a bad person apparently), so this time I really hope when they pull me over and want to go through my stuff that they open the dirty diaper bag.

So I will blog again in a little over 3 weeks how this adventure goes. With tips and tricks to flying with cloth.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

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