I love the idea of framed fabrics to add an awesome touch to your plain boring walls. I was going to check out the thrift store today to see if they had any good frames to use but they were closed when we got there. So I remembered that I had a giant black frame in our back room, it just didn’t have the glass or a backing on it, which meant I had to figure out the best way to get the fabric in the frame. 264557_10150218231333796_510993795_7084048_3864199_n





I bought this frame back in the Spring at a yard sale for $5 and we used it for our family photos.

If you have a frame that has a picture in it already or a cardboard backing you can just glue the fabric to that with a spray adhesive and put it all back together with the glass. I could have used a nail gun to put my fabric in but I don’t own one so I used hot glue.


A couple years ago I bought a king size duvet cover from the thrift store (yes I know you are wondering why I didn’t use it so I could have a king sized bed covered in citrus fruit). There is so much fabric because it had a front and a back (being a duvet and all) and being a king size so I have used this on multiple projects and still have a LARGE amount left.

So I laid my frame on the fabric after I had ironed it and cut out the fabric with a very large “seam” allowance. I flipped it over and started hot gluing all the way around and making sure the fabric was pulled as tight as I could get it (again this would be better with a staple gun or with a cardboard back to glue it too). I used some clamps every once and a while to help hold one of the other sides tight while I worked on an opposite side.

This is the final result (though Stefan needs to add a hook so we can hang it up, but you can use a pop tab to make a hook). Don’t mind my messy hair, how I can’t hold the picture straight or my 22 week pregnant belly.


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