IMG_3035In the car for another trip (we have had a lot of trips in the last few weeks). Todays trip was to Halifax to go to the IWK children’s hospital for Capri’s follow up appointment after her joint injection.

We went a bit early so we could go to the mall and pick up a few things and grab lunch. Also great parenting moment of the day – Capri ate some form of french fry at all 3 meals today. So after that we headed into the city to see Dr. Huber.

IMG_3036IMG_3037We hung out in the waiting room for a bit and Capri ate a ton of crackers and flirted with the little boy that was also waiting. We got called in and she was weighed and measured and sat nice and still while they took her blood pressure with the a tiny little cuff.

We went into our exam room and Dr. Huber came in and checked Capri over. He said her knee is looking really good – even with all the bruising which her Naproxen can make worse (she is super clumsy and has a ton of bruises). He did notice that one of her toes seems a bit inflamed but did not seem concerned about it.


IMG_3052The decision was made to take Capri off of her naproxen to see how she does. After that we waited to see CJ who does Capri’s physio. Capri got slightly bored and started climbing into her stroller basket and being super silly. We were laughing so hard. CJ came and worked with Capri and gave us a few more things to do with her at home.

So overall it was a good visit and we go back in December for a follow up to see how she is doing. So after a quick supper at my parents house we headed home. And it was a very pretty view on the way home.


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