IMG_0929We have had a ton of headbands and hair clips since Capri was born. But they are always in a drawer somewhere and we always forget to put them on her (and she always rips them off to look at them). So after ordering a HUGE box full of clips and headbands from Emily (aka Joyful Abode) I realized that I should put them on something that would display them and make it easy for me to grab one and put it on Capri and soon Payson. I also wanted to make it so it was accessible for the girls to reach so they could pick their own. After looking at a ton of ideas online I combined some ideas to make our own hair clip holder. 


I took a canvas I bought from the dollar store, and painted it with paint I got from the dollar store and used ribbons from the dollar store (do you see a theme here??). I also used some wooden things at the bottom of the ribbon to add some weight (I stole that from Emily at Joyful Abode), which I bought at Wal-Mart but they only cost .67 cents each so I stuck well with my dollar theme.

IMG_0982I have decided to go with the colors yellow and blue for their room because it is bright and cheerful and reminds me of summer which I love. So I painted the canvas blue and used painters tape to make stripes which I painted yellow.

I hot glued blue and yellow ribbon to the bottom of the canvas and hot glued the wooden things to the bottom of those ribbons. Now that this project is done I need to figure out what to do with all of the headbands and hats they have. 


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