My little girl got to experience her first Halloween at 4 1/2 months. I saw so many pictures of my friends little girls all dressed up as bugs, and fairies and other girly costumes. What was my little girl you ask? Well she had two costumes but one was a little big so we went with the Superman costume this year. Her other costume was a Jedi outfit I made her.

I picked this little number up at our Frenchys (used clothing store). I just could not pass it up. It did not come with the red underwear that Superman is known for however so I improvised and used one of my size 2 AppleCheeks diapers. Let me tell you though that when she needed a diaper change it took FOREVER. You have the red diaper on the outside, her costume, red pajamas underneath (for the red boot effect and warmth) and then another diaper. But she was so cute it was worth it.

She loved flying around, and me and Stefan loved getting candy from the Trunk or Treat that was going on here at the school. People asked me why she should get candy since she can’t eat it, so I told them that she would get candy milk later so it was still for her.

After we did a very short time of trick or treating at peoples trunks in the library parking lot we went to a Halloween party across the hall for the rest of the night. It was a very fun time and Capri just slept on anyone who would hold her. Even Superman gets tired.

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