Homemade Chalk Board

IMG_0165I found a great blog where the mom made a chalk board for her daughter with a cookie sheet. So I borrowed her idea. She used spray chalk board paint but since I live in an apartment it is hard to use spray paint and since it is really cold out I can’t use friends yards. So I was so happy when I found chalk board paint in a bottle at the dollar store and I also bought my cookie sheet there as well.


When you apply it with the sponge brush it says on the bottle to use a generous amount and they mean it. When I first started putting it on it was all streaky so I started adding more and it went on really nice. After letting it dry for the full 24 hours like the bottle says I did a second coat to make sure it was nice and thick. I didn’t sand it during coats like it suggests and I found that I didn’t need to.

Capri has never played with chalk before and we are still working on learning to color so it could be interesting. I bought the thick sidewalk chalk so it doesn’t break like the skinny pieces do.

Merry Christmas. Keep an eye out for Part 2 in my homemade gifts where I show you the play silks I made for Capri.


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