imageGuys I have a secret or three. I don’t fold clothes. Like ever. With four kids I just gave up. This closet belongs to my 6 and 4 year old, the closet belonging to the 2 and 1 year old looks similar.

When we had dressers they would just pull all of the clothes out anyway so there was no point folding them. My new system works awesome. They each have two boxes. One box for bottoms (shorts, pants, skirts), and one box for tops. The only items hung are sweaters and dresses.


Here is my next secret. I don’t even turn their clothes right side out. If they can’t be bothered to turn them right side out when they take them off then they can figure it out when they get dressed. I know I am pretty much the meanest mom in the world. Or the best because they are problem solving. Or something like that.

Also with the bins it is super easy for them to help me put their clothes away. Which is always nice.

imageHere is my last secret. See that bin. It is full of undies ranging in size from 3t-6 and every single sock the kids own. It is kept in the girls bathroom so in the morning they can grab undies that fit them, grab any random two socks (I hear people who wear mismatched socks are better adjusted and win the Nobel prize or something like that) and they are set for the day. Who cares if a sock gets eaten by the dryer monster, who cares if one sock gets a hole and gets thrown out, because no sock gets matched to its mate. And I don’t waste time matching and rolling socks. I mean I could be doing so many better things than matching and rolling dozens of tiny socks. Like eating cake, or wasting hours pinning fancy crafts I will never do.

And guess what you get a bonus secret? I don’t fold my own clothes or wear matched socks.

Do you have any secret ways you make your daily life easier?

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