There I sat in the Toronto Airport on Christmas Eve and of course my flight was a few hours late, when aren’t my flights delayed? As I sat there with Stefan we have fun by observing people and seeing how they act in public. The best people to watch are parents because they are at their wits end and are pretty testy with their children. While we were sitting there we witnessed a mom yelling at her five year old son very loudly and nastily enough that everyone in the area turned to watch this happen. I told Stefan that I never want to be one of those moms (later referring to her as the hobbit mom). If I cannot control myself in public (and private) with my children especially when they are probably super tired and just want to be in their beds, then I need to take a step back and look at how I am acting. I then saw another mom with her little girl who was playing with her and even though the little girl was whiney, she never lost her cool but allowed her daughter time to be a little grumpy at this late hour. I hope that someday when I have kids (whenever that blessed day comes) that I will remember that they have short attention spans and don’t do well late at night after long trips. I need to remind myself that I also get a little whiney and grumpy at this point in trips and need to entertain myself and my kids the best I can (Stefan comes in handy when entertainment is needed).

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  1. That is a great goal, really! I (sometimes) find it easier to “behave” as a mom in front of other people.

    Of course, I often fall short (like on Sunday, when my husband was addressing the congregation and my son stood up and began yelling at his daddy to read the book my son was holding…), and I’m so far from perfect. I have to learn to forgive myself when I don’t make the best choices, and learn to make better ones rather than beating myself up over it.

    I also deeply believe that I’ll never be truly perfect as a mother, but if I strive to do my absolute best with my eye single to the glory of God, Jesus Christ will justify and sanctify my efforts and make up for all those times that I’ve fallen short and been an inadequate, fallen person and mother.

    Good luck with your future motherhood goals!

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