We tried for a while to get Capri to use the potty. I would let her run around naked and put her on the potty every 30 minutes or so but she was just not having it. She would freak out when I let her run around naked and ask for her diaper back. We finally picked up some underwear and it helped a little but she still didn’t really clue into the fact that she had to get to the potty to pee.

One day we got in the car to drive to a meeting a few hours away. We drove 2 hours and stopped at my parents. Capri said she needed to pee so we took her to the bathroom and her diaper was dry after the 2 hour car trip and she used the toilet. From that point on she did really well with the potty. She was 2 years and 4 months old when that happened.

She is still in diapers at night and most naps. We are just starting to go out with undies on, and she has been doing so well. I totally believe in waiting for your child to be ready. I wish I had not tried so hard and worried about her peeing on everything. She has had a IMG_3394couple of accidents but for the most part she does amazing. When she is done she comes out and yells “I peed, I peed” and has to tell everyone in the room. I am so happy we didn’t resort to giving candy as an incentive to pee, since we don’t let her have a lot of sweets to begin with.

At home she usually doesn’t wear pants, which makes getting to the potty a lot faster. She is slowly getting better at nap time, but still wakes up in the morning wet which is okay.

The biggest thing right now is teaching her to get to the potty when she needs to have a number 2 (and yes I called it a number 2). Usually she wanders off and gets very quiet and we realize she has gone in her underwear. But we are working on that. And she looks so very cute in her little undies.

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