sweepThere are posts and posts and pins and pins on how to be a better housekeeper. How to clean your house in just minutes a day and easy charts to follow. Well this is not one of those posts. This is my reality, and maybe your reality.

I have an almost 3 year old (holy cow), and a just turned 1 year old and I am 10 weeks pregnant with number 3. I work 40 hours a week from home while taking care of those darling little children of mine and on top of all that I suck at cleaning. I mean there are people out there that LIKE cleaning, and enjoy it (yes I think you are strange). I don’t. If I could I would use all throw away pots and pans and dishes. Don’t yell at me for being environmentally unfriendly I use cloth diapers. If you come to my house un-invited you will most likely find dishes on the counter, and Cheerios on the floor.

living roomI wait until the next day to sweep up from supper because dried food is easier to sweep than wet food (have you ever tried sweeping up an entire bowlful of wet rice??). I am thankful for an amazing husband who does a lot of cleaning and does the dishes almost 98% of the time. We share the responsibilities of cleaning and that is very helpful or else it would be pretty bad.

If I could I would hire a maid to come once or twice A WEEK to clean my house. But in the mean time my Type B personality will just drive Type A people nuts and that is okay with me.

So if you ever feel like your house is a mess and you will throw a bottle of homemade cleaner at the next person to pin a perfectly beautiful and clean house of a lady with 15 kids just remember you are not alone.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing.

  1. I like your post because I’m not so great at cleaning either. I go in spurts. I actually find it easier to go and clean at someone else’s house rather than my own. There the secret is out. I only have 1 kid but I still find it difficult to clean. Yes I want a clean house but I think part of my problem is that I get more discourage and then I just don’t bother. Nice to know I am not alone.

  2. I’m with Sarah- I find it easier to clean elsewhere, too. I have 3 kids, but they are not babies anymore. 10,11 & 18 now, but we are still a disaster. Granted, I homeschool, I am a student, and I work about 22 hours on the weekends. Plus we have a puppy. Excuses aside, I still suck at it. I have discovered little tricks along the way, but it still becomes like this overwhelming monster. We won’t be condemned, so it’s good enough!

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