I saw this awesome idea the other day for Ice Painting, the original blog post is here, I of course found it on pinterest. She had used these cute little clothes pins that I didn’t have so I just used ones I did have.

So all you do is fill your ice cube tray up with water and put in food coloring to make different colors. I only have 4 colors, which even when mixed with each other doesn’t give us a ton of options. I really want to get the neon colors. Anyway, I just put the clothes pins in at an angle because mine would not stand up. Then I put them in the freezer.

So after Capri’s nap we had some time before supper so I put some craft paper down on the table and put a dish dish with paper in it in front of Capri. I put 4 of the ice cubes that I made on the paper in the dish and let her go at it.


It was really cool to watch as she painted because the longer she painted the thicker the lines became from the ice. As she is learning her colors right now this is a great activity.

After she was finished and when supper was ready I just took the paper out and let it dry and I washed the dish out. It was super easy to clean up which is a huge bonus in my books.

I liked the sensory idea of this activity because she got to experience the coldness of the ice and see how it melted over time. She also got to watch as the colors mixed together on the paper.

eatingAfter a while she really lost interest in painting and decided to eat the ice cubes. Personally this didn’t bother me, I know some parents would freak out because of the food coloring, but I was more concerned that she was staining one of her Applecheeks diapers.

I was thinking about how this would be great to do in the summer time but instead of using an ice cube tray make really large cubes with silicon bread pans so they would take a long time to melt. You could put tin foil over the top of the bread pan and stick a large popsicle stick in for your handle. I will blog about it if we actually do it (I need to find silicone bread pans first).

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