So far this semester has gone by really fast, which is awesome when at the end of it you have a wedding. Well I am down to the last two and half weeks of school and until the wedding and the days are taking forever. It does not help that I am suppose to be writing papers (only two left if only I could stop making peanut butter bon bons and shortbread cookies and start writing them). I am so excited for my wedding day to get here (Dec. 13), everything is planned I get to see tons of my friends and the best part I get to become Mrs. Gilbert (that and I get to have sex that night but shhh…my parents don’t want to think about that).

Funny story about my parents and me getting married. I was talking to my mom  on the phone about the fact that the hotel me and Stefan are staying in has two double beds, my mom says it just means we have to cuddle more, my dad in the background says “one bed for Deborah, one bed for Stefan”. I don’t think he has come to grips with his little girl growing up and getting hitched.

So hopefully the next few weeks will go by faster (and I will stop making yummy christmas treats because if I make anymore I won’t fit in my dress) and that I will actually get my papers done. Anyway I should stop distracting myself from those papers with blogging.

Later Days, Deborah

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