So I was told that after having a baby your hair can start falling out or thinning….that is the biggest understatement. I feel like a dog come summer time…except it is almost winter. I can’t run my hand through my hair without covering my hand with a fist full of hair. When I take my hair down from being in a ponytail my hair elastic is knotted with hair.

Thankfully I have a lot of hair…or did and because of that you can’t tell that I loose about a wig of hair a day. I think old men are cute and all but I really do not want to look like one.

Poor Capri, I am always pulling my hair off of her, poor Stefan, it always seems to end up on his pillow. But poor me…I would not look good bald. I just don’t have the skull for it. Some people look great bald, some girls have the skulls to pull it off. I am not one of them, so this better stop.

So many strange things happen to you once you stop being pregnant (all the strange things that happen to you being pregnant is a whole other story), but the hair falling out has to be the most annoying because it just is messy.

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  1. OMG I hated that. Thankfully it stops. BUT then you have all these one inch hairs sticking out of your head everywhere and there is NO HAIRSTYLE or PRODUCT that will hide or help them.

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