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openI love bags. All sorts of bags. You can read all about my entire collection of diaper bags here (I don’t actually own most of those now). So when we found out we were expecting Lyra I knew I would need a bigger bag. I am a super over packer, and we live in an area where we have to travel a fair amount to get to things like doctor appointments and church which means we are gone from the house for many hours. We have an infant and a toddler in diapers and a three year old who still has accidents some times, so I need lots of room.

I decide to go with the Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared and I love it. The way the pockets open up is fantastic. There is a nice big from pocket called the Mommy Pocket, two pockets where the short straps tuck into and the nice change pad goes, two drink bottle holders that fit good size bottles, and a huge pocket that has pockets inside of it to help organize all my junk. So without further ado I give you what is in my diaper bag.

mommy pocket

This is what is in my front Mommy Pocket. There are two Marine Parents pouches, one is filled with little emergency things, and one has lady supplies and breast pads. There is also my Marine Parents wallet and tissue case. A journal, cards and envelopes in case I need to send someone a card, paper straws for emergency straw situations, keys, Elvis playing cards, teas, nutri grain bars, instant coffee, peanut butter, a pen. You know very normal things that people keep in their bags. I love having this pocket just for my stuff. It makes my life just a little bit easier.

And now onto the big pocket that contains the girls things.

Big pocket

There are 3 spit up blankets, a prefold, 1 swaddling blanket, 2 wool covers (usually there is another pair of wool pants as well), a bunch of undies for Capri, a shirt for Payson, pjs for Lyra, and pants for Capri, There is a small book, 3 spoons (you never know when you will need a spoon), some stickers, crayons, a snappi, my Nova Scotia Cloth Diaper Pin (I have 2 more in other bags), my Nalgene bottle goes in the side pocket and I usually have one of the girls water bottles as well, extra glass for Capri. A handful of cloth wipes, bum cream, and some wipes that expand with water, and 5 cloth diapers (I usually pack 6).

So that is what I fit in my Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared. It various by day, sometimes there are different Marine Parents pouches (I own a whole bunch), different amounts of diapers and wool covers, and clothes. When I do short trips to the store or am just taking one kid I grab an old book bag to pack in. So if you have multiple kids in cloth diapers or you travel a fair amount I would highly recommend this bag.

And just for fun a picture of my 3 year old in my bag and my 1 year old in the bag.

Capri in bagPayson in bag

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