If I could be any Disney Princess it would be Pocahontas. Not only is she super awesome but she lives in the woods and climbs over stuff and is not at all like all those other frilly Disney ladies. I love Pocahontas, which is why I am watching it right now. I have always wanted to be a Native (I mean more than I am already which is not a lot, I am what they call in the movie a “pale visitor”).

So this post was not going to be about how I want to be Pocahontas it was more going to be about the song that she sings in the beginning “Just around the river bend”. This song talks about how the river is ever changing and not always calm. Life is so much like that (which is the underlying meaning to the song), but it is definitely my life right now. I am done all my classes but still need to do my 6 month internship, but that does not start until January because I am waiting for Stefan to be able to do his. I am waiting to hear back about a job that I thought I had but I have not heard back from them to say when I will start. I have never been in a school longer than three years until I came to College so after four years here I am so ready to get out and do something new, get into a new river kind of thing. I need a change, something big, something exciting…I need an adventure.


Photo from http://www.cartoondollemporium.com/pocahontas4.html

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