One day as I was going through my Instagram feed I noticed the most wonderful looking necklace worn by Jessica from The Leaky B@@B. I loved it and asked her where it was from and she kindly directed me to Kangaroo Care on Etsy. I was first in love with this beautiful line of necklaces made for moms because of the gorgeous colors and designs, but as I kept reading the more I fell in love. The owner and maker of these wonderful necklaces is Varja, and she lives in Estonia; I have a special place in my heart for this small country because my Great-Great Grandfather Peter was from Estonia (until he jumped ship in Canada).

I started messaging with Varja about doing a review for one of her necklaces because Payson is a HUGE pincher and I was just not feeling my old nursing necklaces anymore. I was so happy when she agreed to send me one.

IMG_3323Her necklaces are so much more my style than my old nursing necklaces, and these ones are safe for babies to chew on as well which is so perfect. They are easy to wash with some warm water and baby soap and you just let them air dry. One thing I think is really cool about the wooden beads is that the two types of wood she uses, Juniper and Apple are both from Estonia.

I was so happy with the necklace that she sent because I am loving mustard yellow right now and it goes with a lot of my clothes. It has also REALLY helped with Payson’s pinching while nursing. She was all about grabbing huge handfuls of flesh and I looked like a bad banana. Capri also really loves playing with my necklace by moving the beads along the string which is great when I need a distraction for her.


Another great feature of her necklaces is that they are vegan friendly (which does not apply to me because I am far from vegan), but I know it matters to a lot of people. She also has really great prices, you can get a necklace for $12.32 and up. For the work she puts into these necklaces they are totally worth the price. I already have a list of different styles and colors that I want on my wish pinboard.

IMG_3586I have been loving looking for products from smaller companies and this is definitely a great company to support and look awesome doing it. I have really loved working with Varja and I cannot wait to buy another necklace. So go check her out and put one of her gorgeous necklaces on your Christmas list.

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